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The “Complexion” Complex

A couple of days ago me and one of my best friends got in a really interesting argument about dark skin Vs light skin and whether nigerian people prefered one to the other. Although she concluded that she dint think there was any preference, I honestly think that in some way a lot of nigerian people would either like to  be lighter than they are or think that light skin is just prettier or interesting…..

I consider myself a dark light skin person…not very light …but not quite brown…

I remember about last year when i changed up my makeup and had a shade that was a tad dark for me but had given me a nice tint…at least in my opinion…

All my family members kept asking why I was darker, why i didnt get lighter when I went abroad and this frustrated me to the point where i yelled a my mom asking her if being darker was a bad thing??….she didnt answer but after that I really started to think about the entire dark skin light skin issue..

Alot of the time..especially in nigeria..I see a lot of people say oh she light oh shes pretty..or she fine BECAUSE shes light….and I honestly dont unerstand what that even means..

Alot of times I see soo many people use some kind of ligethning or fading cream to lighten the color of their skin and really dont understand why..

whether ur caramel or almond or ebony..YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL..just the way u are and there is absolutely no need to alter the tint of your skin…

I think that we really need to accept ourselves how ever we are and ambrace how God has made us…

I have learnt to accept myself howeer I ma be …yes I have flaws but I have learnt to love them as they are…

I am not saying that nigerian people think that dark skin girls aren’t pretty and light skin ones are ..but I am just saying that to some extent..there is a slight preference…

So what are your thoughts on this issue???

Project Pan anyone?

Im thinking about starting project Pan….If ypou dont know what that is its is a challenge for makeup obsseed consumers where they stop buying makeup until they hve finished about 10 or more of their current products..

Well Stop buying makeup!!!..thats impossible..but ive learnt that I have to learn to deal with what I already have..

II love makeup.and I cannot go a week without buying at least one new product..

Can I do it???..well see!

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New Loves <3 La girl Pro conceal HD concealer review

Another Product Ive beeen LOving..is the La Girl pro conceal HD concealer….

THIS IS THE BEST CONCEALER I HAVE EVER TRIED…….. Ive tried so many concealers and none have seemed to work for my dry slightly flaky skin…

This concealer is medium-full coverage and leaves the nicest dewy finish on the skin….it creases very minimally and is said to last all day.

I actually wore this as both a foundation and concealer and I absolutely love it as a foundation. Because of its creamy texture you either want to use a flat top brush e.g elf powder brush or sigma flat top kabuki or a beauty blending sponge e.g lecosmetique sponge for 4.99 from lecosmetique.com.

This stuff is the BOMB and the best part about it is it only cost 2.50 from cherry culture.com, local beauty supply stores or ebay for about $5 plus shipping.

I had tried MAC prolongwear because of the reviews I heard about it but it was terrible on my dry skin and emphasized my flakes. May be awesome on oil skin though.

Mac studio finish is an awesome concealer but not for under my eyes. I prefer it to clean up my brows and to cover up blemishes

The only concealer that comes close to this that I have tried is the MAC select cover up. But I like this better because it gives more coverage and a beautiful dewy finish. I purchased the shade FAWN which should be a good match for most NC45 skintones.

I give this product a 10/10. its absolutely amazing and for the price…”you cant beat that”!

I may get a lighter shade for under my eyes..so let me know what shade compare to like an NC 42 or 44. This thing photographs beautifully hence the HD feature of it. Oh and did I mention it comes in 16 different shade..so there’s a shade for everyone. I’m definitely picking up more shades to add to my kit and use as foundation and concealer on other people..


New Loves <3

These are just some products I recently purchased and Im LOVING!!!!!….

First up the MAC irridescent powder in golden bronze…Can u say AMAZING!!…beautiful golden highlight for darker skin tones. If you are like an NC/NW42 to NC/NW 50.

I love this stuff and a little really goes a long way. I may be uploading a review on these products soon….. 

I was contemplating on either getting golden bronze or gold deposit MSF but gold deposit looked a little red and golden bronze is like $7 less. 

definitely rate this product a 10/10 a must have for the summer months to give that soft focus J-lo esque glow <3

The irridescent powders cost $23 at maccosmetics.com

I will put up pictures of swatches and what it looks like on my face soon .. :)


I finally found my niche and its….MAKEUP!!…I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT..I love how I can transform my face with makeup and amplify things as well as hide them ….I love it ..if only i could make a career out of it….I couldnt be a  makeup artist because im not very “artistic” but I love playing around with colors and textures.

I tried youtube for a bit but I dont really know if its for me….Should I start blogging my looks instead..




i wanna try black.


i wanna try black.